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  • Single Burner

Single Burner


Elevate your culinary conquests with the 7X Sxottle single burner – a beacon of versatility that transforms your grilling experience into a multi-dimensional adventure!


Unleash your creativity and expand your gastronomic horizons as you harness the power of an additional burner. With a scorching 10,000 BTUs of stainless steel might, this single burner is your secret weapon for conquering intricate sauces, searing succulent sides, and unlocking a symphony of flavors.


Crafted to seamlessly integrate with the 7X Sxottle grill, this add-on is a testament to the art of culinary innovation. Its steadfast design ensures a secure fit, while the 9-inch by 6.5-inch platform accommodates a standard 7.5-inch by 7.5-inch burner with effortless grace.

  • - Oversized 3-1/4" stainless steel burner

    - Adjustable up to 10,000 BTU

    - 7.5" x 7.5" cooking space

    - Lightweight and portable for quick setup

    - Nickel plated drip tray for easy cleanup

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